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How to Write a Linguistics Essay A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Write a Linguistics Essay A Step-by-Step Guide What Is a Linguistics Essay? First of all, an essay writer should establish the main principles of the academic paper for Linguistics. A writer has two variants of the situation development. First, one is familiar with the concepts because of involvement in the field, and an essay is one of the many similar assignments in a Linguistics class. Second, it is necessary to understand that college student is a fledgling writer that is not only new to the date of the investigation but to the sphere of academic writing as well. The type does not matter, Linguistics essay needs a certain level of education and understanding. As Linguistics is a precise science, the essay should be centered on the accurate facts and involvement of the specific terminology of the discipline. Further, such an essay may concentrate on various branches of the field such as phonology, phonetics, vocabulary studies, grammar, syntax, translation, and many others. Also, as the type of academic writing is an essay, it may not involve research with finding evidence and proofing the specific findings. In fact, in contact with research papers. Linguistics essay writing can be in the form of discussion, reflection, a summary of a particular work or a small investigation of the specific phonological phenomena. Finally, the writer should be ready that some branches of Linguistics such as phonetics, require the unique font for expression of transcription symbols, for instance, and the presence of such is essential for this type of paper. Before the Writing There are specific pre-writing tips for any essay. First, it is needed to establish a plan for the writing as an outline with making the flow of the paper more natural. In fact, the mentioned plan requires such elements as deciding the primary audience of the essay, arguments, possible questions for consideration and discussion, and the number of sources for the argumentation support. Moreover, all the aspects mentioned above help to set the mood for the linguistics essay and convey the specific opinion. Also, the writer should remember the nature of linguistics, and as was mentioned before, it is precise. Thus, such an essay would have to include a theoretical framework along with ordinary academic writing to convey more professional look for future writing. In addition, linguistics is the science that may demonstrate certain phenomena with the help of specific symbols that do not have representation in the ordinary set of the alphabet of the English languages. Further, the writer can show the work of some of the linguistic features in the appendices after the paper or integrate those (with the help of tables) in the middle of the article after the explanation and evidence. Topic Choice As was mentioned before, there is a particular division of Linguistics on the subdisciplines. Thus, the choice of topics opens an array of different variants for an essay. In fact, if there is a necessity to summarize some work, it is possible to discuss the development of some phenomena throughout history or own reflection of the opinion of the specific linguistic trait and choose an area of Linguistics first. It is evident that text should be about a particular area of investigation. Among the spheres of Linguistics are phonetics, morphology, syntax, semantics, and other side directions. Further, the topics should be specific and do not generalize the research theme. Here are some examples of the topics to learn how to construct a comprehensive title: Investigation of the Accents’ Differences in the English Language; Compounding as the Modern Strategy for Extension of the Vocabulary; Comparison of Old, Middle, and Modern Periods of Development of the English Language; Hypotheses of Languages Evolution; Effects of Dialects and Accents on the Perception of a Non-native Speaker; The Contrast of British and American Slang; Phonological Features of English Slang; The Use of Complex Predicate Constructions; Linguistics Theories Describing the Purpose of Communication; The Combination of Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication; Influence of French and Latin Borrowings on Enriching the English Lexicon. Also, it is important to include examples of poorly constructed topics to demonstrate the general type of titles that should be avoided: Why is Linguistics important? What is a Noun? Why Slang Exists? Phonetics as a Branch of Linguistics Planning and Outlining As was mentioned before, a student has to consider some essential elements of every essay before starting the actual writing. First of all, a writer must establish the primary arguments of the paper or the point of view that one should prove or present evidence for. Also, the essay question is the second essential phenomenon that needs the answer in the flow of the paper. Further, keep in mind that the structure of the documents is the factor that helps to concentrate the attention of the potential audience and ensure that a reader receives author’s point of view and understand the evidence. Furthermore, the essential elements for consideration are the establishment of the mentioned audience. Thus, if an essay is designed for peers and fellow linguistics, there will be no problems in keeping the natural vocabulary of the paper. However, if the article is for the evaluation, an author will have to elevate the skills of the academic presentation regarding the enriching the lexicon of the document with the linguistics terminology. Moreover, the credible sources and reliable evidence will be the determinant factors for professors to leave the high mark for such linguistics assignment. Finally, after consideration of the points above, the approximate outline for the essay would look like this: Decide what the purpose audience is; Establish primary arguments, evidence, and essay question; Find credible sources to ensure the trustworthiness of the research; Outline the structure of the paper; Proofread after writing. Finally, the structure of the essay needs to meet specific parameters as well. First of all, the number of paragraphs should be equal with the one of supporting claims for the primary arguments plus introduction with the conclusion. Also, do not forget about the existence of such standards such as topic sentences, the quantity of text for one paragraph, and the place of citations in the text. The Structure Any Linguistics essay should meet particular requirements. First of all, the composition should start with the introduction where the writer must mention the primary arguments, purpose, audience, and end it with a debatable thesis statement that a paper can prove with evidence and research. Second, the main body consists of supportive claims and every paragraph should have topic sentences, evidence, and final thoughts. Finally, the conclusion is the ending part where a writer restates thesis and the main points of the whole essay along with providing the base for the further discussion or considerations of an issue for future studies. Thus, if a student misses one detail from the conventional structure of the academic essay, the one cannot be considered the comprehensive one; that can result in the loss of points for the final mark. Introduction The introduction is the essential part of every essay because it is the first paragraph that a reader sees. Thus, the relevance of opening takes the first place for a writer because it can attract the attention for further reading and avert it at the same time. The poorly constructed introductory paragraph without the proper attention-getter will discourage the primary audience of the document from evaluating the future content and believing the evidence for the essay arguments. Further, the introduction guides a reader through the course of the paper with the help of a few sentences in the beginning. In fact, the keywords in the starting paragraph help to focus the attention of the potential audience on the most critical issues of the writing. For instance, the introduction may include the aspects that convey the purpose of one or another language phenomenon of demonstrating the fundamental factor of the science. As the example of what not to do, a student should remember not to include in the introduction the statements that have no actual connection to the topic of the paper. The sole purpose of such sentences is to fill the gap and help the writer to meet the necessary word count. Also, general ideas disrupt the whole attitude of a reader towards the further content because the audience involved in the actual science of Linguistics does not need answers to questions why it is important and about the definitions of some phenomena. Thesis Statement: Hot Tips from Our Experts The place for the proper thesis statement is the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. Also, the thesis demonstrates the essence of the essay and shows a reader the mini-outline for further writing. Thus, it is understandable after the mentioned arguments, that the mission of a thesis statement is the most crucial one in the most critical part of the paper. Further, the proper thesis needs to be narrow such as the topic and debatable for getting the attention of the audience. The debatable opinion is the one that may be controversial that forces the audience to read further. Further, there are examples of poorly constructed thesis statements that only show the simplicity of the further essay and revolve the attention: Linguistics is important because it investigates that languages people speak; Slang will be the future language; Periods of English language development have differences and similarities. In contrast, the following examples represent the thesis statements that can grab the attention and boost the further discussion: The investigation of accents helps to understand the origins of the sources that inspire the process of the language evolution. The difference between the American and English slang starts in the Middle period of language development with the help of noun and verb transformations. Body Paragraphs The primary aspects of the construction of a body paragraph were mentioned above. The inclusion of such elements as topic sentences, evidence, and a conclusion is obligatory for meeting the academic standards and conveying the logical flow of ideas. Also, the number of paragraphs is determined by one of the supporting points because it would improve the readability of the whole paper. Moreover, the writer should remember the four-full-lines-and-three-sentences standard that every academic paper requires. Finally, do not put the sentences with citations in the beginning and end of the paragraphs because the one cannot start or end with evidence from the sources. Conclusion The primary mission of the last paragraph is to summarize the main points of the whole paper. Thus, the conclusion should include, a restatement of the thesis, summary of the supporting points, and the claims that may hint on the future research or implementation of some idea from the document in the actual science field. Finally, do not include any new information in the concluding paragraph as it hurts the finalizing of the essay. Sources Many sources can help in the construction of the essay as the gild of investigation is broad and does not lack relevant evidence. In fact, the Internet has plenty of databases with journal articles, independent studies, and books that can help prove a point in the writing. Some of the mentioned bases of knowledge are specialized websites such as: The Linguist List Electronic Journals in Linguistics Some sources do not have the linguistics specialization, but still they can assist in the search for the credible and relevant information and those are: JSTOR Taylor and Francis Online Referencing The most popular formats that will suffice for the linguistics essay are MLA and APA. The Purdue Owl website is the credible source that has guidelines for the proper citation and referencing in those formats. MLA APA Proofreading Several ways can help to proofread the final paper. First of all, it is possible to ask someone to comment on the logic of the paper’s flow. Also, several websites on the Internet assists with this types of service. Grammarly can help fix the grammar, punctuation, and style mistakes and Small SEO Tools can check the document for any possible facts of plagiarism.

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My Dream Business and some Legal Issues may arise, and prepare a legal Essay

My Dream Business and some Legal Issues may arise, and prepare a legal risk management plan - Essay Example The rising fuel prices will greatly contribute to the future scope of this business. The business is planned to be located in Toronto, the largest city in Canada. For this business, I have planned to focus on private vehicle owners who are struggling to afford the mounting fuel prices. At the initial stages, a group of efficient marketing executives will be appointed to contact private vehicle owners and to take orders from advertisers. Once the business is established and popularized, it can be further operated online. It is a low investment project, because it can be operated with fewer building facilities and equipments. Relatively, it would be easier to collect orders from vehicle owners than marketers/advertisers because vehicle owners do not have to take any financial risk. As advertisement is a necessity for every business, I do not try to target a particular market. However, I have planned to approach local marketers during the initial phases of my business. In addition, I ha ve decided to focus a little more on low and middle income vehicle owners since high income groups are less likely to be willing to display ads on their luxury vehicles. It is expected that some legal issues will raise certain challenges to the proposed business project at its initial stages of development. ... The Legal Risk Management Plan Arguably, the increase in vehicle running kilometers can turn out to be the most serious legal risk for the business because this issue can worsen the level of greenhouse gas emissions caused by fuel burning in combustion engines. Since greenhouse gases cause a range of environmental issues like global warming and climate change, the Canadian government is less likely to encourage this new business venture. In addition, overpopulation of vehicles also leads to other problems such as air pollution, sound pollution, increased road traffic, and increase in fuel consumption levels (Schwela, Zali, & Schwela, 1997). The above identified risks can be eliminated successfully if the organization frames an effective risk management plan. Referring to the legal risk management framework suggested by Dilanchian Lawyers & Consultants (2009), the planned business venture can eliminate legal risk elements effectively if it makes use of manuals, policies and procedures , ethics policies, and specific processes. Instead of paying a fixed percent of fuel expenses, the organization can give the same amount in cash to vehicle owners. If this option is chosen, vehicle owners may spend this amount for some purposes other than fuel purchase. Another risk reduction policy is not to allow more than one member from a family to register with this facility. Reports say that many of the Canadian families or even individuals have more than one car (Natural Resources Canada, 2005). Therefore, the suggested policy can reduce emission and pollution issues to a great extent. Even though both the options are likely to lessen

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What you feel is the most Significant Constitutional Amendment Essay

What you feel is the most Significant Constitutional Amendment - Essay Example It is worth noting that all ideas, whether good or bad, are protected under the first amendment (Bird 56). As an American citizen, I have been able to enjoy the right to free speech and freely expressing my ideas and opinions. However, there are other countries where citizens do not enjoy the same right. I travelled to Ethiopia a couple of years ago, for a vacation and to view the beautiful scenery. Before I embarked on the journey, I was thoroughly briefed regarding the stringent rules of law in Ethiopia. At the embassy, citizens were constantly reminded to be careful of what they expressed to avoid being detained by the police. In addition, once we were outside the embassy and into the city of Addis Ababa and its environs, we were to avoid expressing any views against the regime; lest we be imprisoned. Unlike in America, citizens have to be mindful of what they express to avoid being imprisoned. As a tourist, I found these unfamiliar and confusing due to my perception that all citizens in the world enjoyed similar rights like other Americans did. The experience was an eye-opener and since then, I have appreciated the right conferred on me by the Constitution; to express my thoughts freely. In Ethiopia, for instance, there are hundreds of journalists and other perceived dissidents who have been detained illegally by their government, as political prisoners. Fortunately, I was not imprisoned in Ethiopia, and I continued expressing my thoughts, regarding Congress on Twitter, once I was at the United States Embassy. Through research, I have been able to identify the importance of the first amendment through critical analysis of world politics and political journals. I identified the primary reason as to why the Arab Spring uprising broke was due to the atrocities committed by the regimes in North Africa and the Middle East. The atrocities are

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Parkinsons and Huntingtons disease Essay Example for Free

Parkinsons and Huntingtons disease Essay How is the motor system organized? What are the neurological bases of Parkinsons and Huntingtons disease?   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The motor system of the human anatomy is mainly rooted in the interaction of the nervous and muscular system wherein the interaction between the organs involved in the two enables the human body to move and react towards its environment. Basically, the motor system is organized between these two systems wherein the control process is centralized on the brain while the enactment of the movement is done in the muscle involved. In the brain, the motor control for voluntary movements is produced in the pyramidal system, which consists of two long neuron systems. These two systems are the upper motor neurons located in the primary motor cortex and the lower motor neurons in the anterior horn of the spinal cord. Another important system in the brain is the extrapyramidal motor system located in the midbrain. This system is responsible for dampening erratic motions, maintaining muscle tone and truncal ability. Another important region is the vestibular system, which is synaptically linked to the extrapyramidal system. This system controls the balance of the general body system and while doing movement. In addition is the cerebellum, which controls the muscle activity, tone, and equilibrium. In each of these systems in the brain, significant motor processes are produced and relayed into each region thus, producing the effective and logical reaction and movement of the human anatomy towards his or her environment.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚      Relevant to the healthy motor system of the human body is the condition of the different regions and systems involved in the processing of the motor movement impulses. In this aspect, the common diseases relative to body movement impairment are based on their neurological damage in the brain. The Parkinson’s disease in particular, which is a movement disorder, affects the basal ganglia region in the brain resulting to deterioration of relay of motor impulses. These influences in the significant brain regions manifest in conditions of muscle rigidity, slowing to loss of physical movement in extreme cases, tremor, and others, which are the characteristic of Parkinson’s disease. The Huntington’s disease is also a degenerative condition characterized by abnormal body movements and lack of coordination. This condition is rooted on the expansion of the altered form of Htt protein called mutant Huntingtin which results to cell death in most critical regions in the brain. These cellular deaths results to the reduction of impulse relay in the brain and the processing ability of the motor regions. This abnormal cellular death in the brain region affects the physical and cognitive ability of the human body characterized by the disease. In general, the degenerative health conditions affecting the body movement are mainly rooted on the abnormal development in the critical brain regions directly related to the motor system.   Bibliography Binder, M. D. (1999). Peripheral and Spinal Mechanisms in the Neural Control of Movement (Progress in Brain Research). Elsevier Science Publication. 1st Edition. ISBN-10: 0444502882.

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Dracula :: essays research papers

CHAPTER 1 1876 Summary Chapter 1 starts with the main persona, Jonathan Harker; a solicitor clerk making a journey to Transylvania at he behest of a client Count Dracula. Jonathan starts making entries in his journal on May 3. He leaves Munich and arrives at Vienna Budapest. He stops at Hotel Royale, where he has dinner but his night is restless as he has queer dreams. He starts out again in the morning boarding the train at Bistritz. As directed by the Count, he goes to Golden Krone Hotel, where Dracula gives him a letter. On May 4, his next entry tells about the fear on the faces of is landlord and wife. They refuse to tell him much about Dracula and instead try to dissuade from going, telling him that it is the eve of St. George’s Day, when all the evil things in the world have full sway. The Landlord’s wife puts a rosary around on his neck. The Count’s coach arrives for Jonathan. On May 5, in the castle, the driver, the landlord and his wife, and a small crowd point two fingers at Jonathan and make the sign of the cross. Jonathan is later told that this is to word of evil. The driver and Jonathan arrive earlier than schedule time. The driver urges Jonathan to go back. Before Jonathan can react, a tall man with along brown beard and a great black hat comes along. The other driver makes a sign of the cross and leaves in a hurry. The tall man drives his carriage away towards Dracula’s castle. At about midnight a dog begins to howl followed by many others. The horses nervously strain and rear but the driver pacifies them almost magically. The howling sounds nearer and nearer and this time it is the baying of the wolves. Suddenly, Jonathan sees a faint flickering blue flame. The driver sees it and jumps down and disappears into the darkness. He reappears again, the flames seems to have disappeared. Again it appears but does not seem to illumine the place. Once a strange optical effect happens, where the driver stands between the flame and Jonathan and does not obstruct it. The howling of the wolves continuously follows the carriage. The horses jump and rear in terror, but the driver is in full command. After some time, they finally stop in the courtyard of a vast ruined castle with tall black windows through which no light penetrates.

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About hotel pokhara grande Hotel Pokhara Grande is a luxurious five-star hotel situated in the city about 1. 5 km walk from Phewa Taal (lake). Since its inception in 01/07/2007, the hotel has been catering to the needs of our diverse patronage with a complete hospitality experience being our motto. Whether it is a relaxing retreat with world-class accommodation and food or perhaps a conference with a banquet you’re after, rest assured your expectations will be surpassed at Hotel Pokhara Grande. The hotel now has forty-one(41) rooms added to the already existing seventy-eight (78).Enjoy the pristine views a well-manicured garden, state of the art equipment and professional staff in our facilities. If you’ve chosen Pokhara Grande you will experience only the best. About Pokhara The City of Pokhara is located approximately one hundred and ninety-eight km (198km) west of Kathmandu. It is a delightful destination for tourists seeking adventure, be it Himalayan expeditions, t reks, rafting, kayaking, paragliding or a peek at the surrounding villages’ life and amazing sights comprising of lakes, waterfalls, mountains, caves and temples. Getting There There are countless options available to get from other major hubs of Nepal to Pokhara. For example†¦You can fly, use a bus (of which tourist coaches are pretty comfortable) or rent a vehicle. Approximately twelve to fifteen flights operate from Kathmandu to Pokhara. | Facilities : Swimming Pool Splash about in our pool and beat the summer heat perhaps sipping an exotic cocktail while you watch your little ones have fun in the kiddies’ pool. |   | Spa Pavitra Give your body the ultimate treat at Pavitra.The team at Pavitra pride themselves in having mastered and administered professional massages using top-notch techniques and paraphernalia such as herbal oil concoctions will soothe your senses. Besides you could choose to use the sauna or have a steam bath or have water jets massage you in the Jacuzzi. Once our new location is complete, Pavitra will become one of the finest spas in Pokhara and all of Nepal. Some of the treatments they provide are listed below:Our spa treatments: Acupressure or Shiatsu: Derived from Japanese â€Å"Shi† and â€Å"atsu† mean ‘finger pressure’.It’s a psychological and physical treatment by applying pressure on various pointsAroma Therapy: This style enhances relaxation in general and improves circulation, relieving muscular tensionAyurvedic Massage: Retrieves nutrients within the body to expel toxinsHead and Shoulder Massage: Increases flow of blood to the scalpShirodhara: Involves warm and consistent flow of aromatic oils on the foreheadOther massages: Traditional Nepali massage, Reiki healing, body scrub, stone therapy, Thai massage, Trekkers’ massage|   Ã‚  | Gymnasium Our  gymnasium  is part of the most premier health club in Pokhara.The gym has stgate of the art equipment and well-app ointed congenial staff have the expertise to guide you towrds a thorough and befitting workout. |   | Other Facilities Ample Parking Spage, Business Centre, Travel Desk, Free Shuttle Service to Phewa Taal ( lake) List of Facilities 😠 Room Facilities | Air conditioning| Hairdryer | Restaurants| Satellite TV | Room Services | Coffee shop | Banquet & Conference | Business center | Safe deposit box| Telephone | Bar| Shopping Arcade| Leisure and other facilities | Babysitting |   | Car rental | Currency exchange|   |   | Florist |   |   | Laundry   services |   |   | Swimming pool|   |   | | | Tariff : Room| Price| Meal| Single| 85|   Lunch – US $ 12| Double| 100|   Dinner – US $ 12| King| 140|   | Extra Bed | 30|   | |   |   | Accommodation in Kathmandu: | Soaltee Crowne Plaza| 5 Star | Vaishali  Hotel | 4 Star | Hyatt Regency | 5 Star | Royal Singhi Hotel| 4 Star | Hotel De'L Annapurna | 5 Star | Hotel Manang| 3 Star | Yak and Ye ti Hotel   | 5 Star | Hotel Tradition   | 2 Star   | The Everest Hotel | 5 Star| Tirupati Holiday Inn   | 2 Star   | Radisson Hotel| 5 Star | Hotel Buddha | 1 Star | | Accommodation in Nagarkot 😠 Club Himalaya| Hotel View Point | | | Accommodation in Lumbini 😠 Buddha Maya Garden| Hotel Yeti   |Hotel Lumbini Garden | Hotel Glasgow | Hotel Nirvana   Ã‚   |   | | | Accommodation in Pokhara 😠 Hotel Khukuri Pokhara| Hotel Blue Heaven | Shangrila Village Resort | Hotel Moonlight Resort | Fish Tail Lodge     | The Fulbari Resort   | Hotel Barahi | Hotel Dharma Inn | Hotel Tulshi|   | | | Accommodation in Chitwan 😠 Chitwan Jungle Lodge| Machan Wildlife Resort   | Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge| Temple Tiger | Island Jungle Resort   Ã‚  Ã‚   | Unique wild Resort| | | Accommodation in Dhulikhel 😠 Dhulikhel Lodge Resort| Mirabel Hotel Resort | Himalayan Shangri-La Resort |   | | | For More Information: [email  protected] com| | | |

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The Workers Compensation Benefits - 1887 Words

Muckraking Still Exists Dennis Whedbee’s crew moved quickly to prepare an oil well for pumping on the Sweet Grass Woman lease site, an area of vast plains teeming with crude oil in North Dakota. It was a mundane fall day in September of 2012, and Whedbee, a derrickhand, was helping remove a pipe fitting from the well when it suddenly burst. Oil pressurized at more than 700 pounds per square inch spewed out of the well, hitting Whedbee and instantly ripping off his arm below the elbow (Grabell et al.). Little did Whedbee know that the worst was yet come when he would struggle with laws restricting his workers’ compensation benefits for years to come. Whedbee is not the only one who has faced these difficulties. Over the past few decades,†¦show more content†¦To help prove the significance of what they were investigating, Grabell and Berkes found examples of workers affected by workers’ compensation laws and personally interviewed those workers and their families (Grabell). In al l, they visited sixteen states and interviewed more than 200 injured workers, workers’ compensation lawyers, insurance industry professionals, employers, doctors, regulators, academics, and lawmakers (Grabell). Grabell and Berkes also knew that they needed factual evidence of laws that have been passed around the nation that cut workers’ compensation, make it more arduous to qualify for it, or put arbitrary time limits on it. To do this, they began by purchasing a dataset that showed how workers’ compensation benefits were cut because of legislative change, and that they were the lowest since 1970 (Grabell). After discovering this, they searched through several legislative archives to compile a database of state laws regarding workers’ compensation. While doing this, they noticed laws assigning values for the loss of certain body parts, and used each state’s unique formula to calculate the maximum values of different lost body parts in each state. With all of this factual evidence, data, and research, Michael Grabell and Howard Berkes were able toShow MoreRelatedCompensation Management System at Walmart Supercenter: A Critical Analysis1517 Words   |  6 PagesC ompensation Management for Wal-Mart Supercenter Compensation is broadly described as any payment or reward that is given to an individual for services performed. Generally, compensation is not restricted to direct or indirect financial incentives since it includes monetary and non-monetary elements. From an operational perspective, managers define compensation as the package of financial rewards that includes salaries, bonuses, wages, commissions, and insurance as well as other kinds of indirectRead MoreCivil Rights And Compensation Programs1621 Words   |  7 PagesRecently several rulings have challenged state Workers’ Compensation programs. In August of this year, a Florida 11th Circuit Court Judge Jorge E. Cueto ruled that Florida s Workers Compensation Act is â€Å"facially unconstitutional as long as it contains Section 440.11 (Workers’ Compensation) as an exclusive replacement remedy†, challenging the Constitutionality of the program. Others have called into question the appeals process and the ade quacy of compensation. This paper argues that the direction ofRead MoreEmployee Compensation And Benefits Packages Essay1245 Words   |  5 PagesEmployee Compensation and Benefits Organizations create compensation and benefits packages in order to attract the best talent. In today’s global economy it is imperative that organizations offer compensation packages that are competitive in order to recruit the very best talent in the world. However, in order to be successful, compensation packages must align with business strategies. Authors â€Å"Mathis, Jackson, and Valentine (2014) explain that an effective total rewards approach balances theRead MoreThe Implementation Of The Apple Company1657 Words   |  7 PagesThe Apple Company satisfies most of its employees using its comprehensive compensation plan that includes all workers irrespective of their positions. To start with, it is among the most profitable companies in the world and it focuses on the manufacturing and designing of software and electronics. Additionally, its most popular hardware devices are iPod, Mac Book, iMac, and iPhone, which make significant contributions to the companyâ€⠄¢s profits. The software devices that it manufactures are iTunesRead MoreImportance Of Legal Requirements For Employers998 Words   |  4 PagesLegal Requirements for Employers All employers in Washington DC are required to carry Workers Compensation. It is a compulsory requirement for all employers who employ one or more employees. Homeowners in Washington DC are also required to have Workers Compensation insurance for their domestic workers as long as they work a minimum of 240 hours during a calendar quarter. Most employers get Workers Compensation coverage from a private insurance company. Some can apply for self-insurance but theyRead MoreThe Political Economy Of The Canadian Workers Compensation System1074 Words   |  5 PagesAlberta Workers’ Compensation Board, and for the Alberta government before beginning his tenure with Athabasca University. The purpose of the book is to critically and candidly explore the way in which the Canadian government prevents workplace injuries and handles workers compensation for workplace injury; who exactly benefits from the current system; and in what ways they benefit. The Content: This book takes the reader on a logical and chronological journey of the Canadian workers’ compensationRead More Workers? Compensation Essay788 Words   |  4 Pages nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Workers’ compensation is meant to protect employees from loss of income and to cover extra expenses associated with job-related injuries or illness. Accidents in which the employee does not lose time from work, accidents in which the employee loses time from work, temporary partial disability, permanent partial or total disability, death, occupational diseases, noncrippling physical impairments, such as deafness, impairments suffered at employer-sanctioned events,Read MoreCompensation System For Medical Care And Lost Wages871 Words   |  4 PagesAfter an injury on the job, many people look to their state’s workers’ compensation system to provide payments for medical care and lost wages. The workers’ compensation programs in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey provide fast, reliable payments to injured workers, but in return, prevent most workers from filing a lawsuit over injuries sustained on the job. While the workers’ compensation system may limit some types of lawsuits, a person who was injured by the actions of a third party will stillRead MoreMandated Governmental Benefits and the Regulations Essay1544 Words   |  7 Pages Benefit Programs and Compensation Administration Lisa Hodges HRM401-Assignment 5-1 Francine Warhman, Professor July 25, 2014 Mandated Governmental Benefits and the Regulations: Employers provide a percentage or portion of wages that are mandated by the government in what they may pay as far as minimal wage is concerned. A lot of employers also decided to offer other benefits to their employees. Employers aren’t mandated to provide the majority of the benefits they do offerRead MoreCalifornia Workers Compensation Program Analysis1349 Words   |  6 PagesCalifornia’s workers’ compensation program uses a variety of acronyms throughout its documentation. As such, understanding this documentation can be challenging. For this reason, we have created a list of these acronyms along with their meanings to assist those who are in the process of moving through the workers’ compensation program in California. AMA – American Medical Association This association publishes the â€Å"Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment,† which is used to determine an